Monday, December 14, 2009

Devardi Glass Featured Me!!!!!!

I am so honored to be accepted in the artist Gallery of DEVARDI GLASS. I order their special Golden Luster Frit. Their Luster Rods, are devine, and so easy to use. Same thing with the Metallic Black, no fussing around to make it SHine! SHIne! SHINe! SHINE!! Not sure I could ever make beads again, without all their FANCIES!!!!
I can not rave on enough about their Dark Transparent Rose. The semi-opaque Colors are out of this world. I have been so bored with a limited pallette of colors, and their color mixes, are a dream come true. I would say their White is (CREAMY & DREAMY). Not so darn soft to work with. I can use the white in my press, and with my, BEAD ROLLERS, from DONNA FELKNER. Absolute dream to be able to use a stiffer white, that does not easily, get so DARN SOUPY! Check it out HERE .

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