Friday, December 25, 2009

Copper Dichroic

I have been all over the web today, and found another very interesting video for
Lampworkers to watch.

Bead for Life

I found this wonderful article about Bead for Life,and how the women in Uganda, are escaping from poverty. The video is very inspiring.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Green Fields Lampwork Focal

Here is my latest, just came out of the kiln last night. I guess with all the Christmas Holidays happening right now, I was truely in the mood for Green.
I used lots of Gold Glitter, encased with transparent Green, and added more Glitter to the bottom of the bead. I like this one so well, That I am KEEPING it for my own Christmas
Present, to myself. At least for awhile, until I make a better bead. I think all artist do that. They keep it until they get tired of looking at there own work. Yet I have some paintings I did, in the past, that I have kept for years now.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Lampwork Ladybug Custom Order

Here is my latest custom order. Helen and Dennis ordered this for his daughter, for Christmas. I made the ladybug BIG. I have fun making Ladybugs. As they say, they are so good in your Garden. A GOOD BUG!!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Lampwork Fish Earrings

One of my girl friends saw my Fish Pendants, and said, Ohhhh! can you make me a pair of earrings like that. I responded, "Don't you think they would be way to big?" She quickly replied, "No way, I can pull it off." You have to know Sandy to appreciate that one. She is quite the personality, an awesome singer, and she does a great singing show. So since they are HOLLOW BEADS, what the heck.I sold a bunch of these earrings at the last Craft Fair I participated in, last Weekend. I have reduced the price, and listed them on Etsy. It's my way of giving all my regular customers, a Merry Christmas treat, by offering reduced prices. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Devardi Glass Featured Me!!!!!!

I am so honored to be accepted in the artist Gallery of DEVARDI GLASS. I order their special Golden Luster Frit. Their Luster Rods, are devine, and so easy to use. Same thing with the Metallic Black, no fussing around to make it SHine! SHIne! SHINe! SHINE!! Not sure I could ever make beads again, without all their FANCIES!!!!
I can not rave on enough about their Dark Transparent Rose. The semi-opaque Colors are out of this world. I have been so bored with a limited pallette of colors, and their color mixes, are a dream come true. I would say their White is (CREAMY & DREAMY). Not so darn soft to work with. I can use the white in my press, and with my, BEAD ROLLERS, from DONNA FELKNER. Absolute dream to be able to use a stiffer white, that does not easily, get so DARN SOUPY! Check it out HERE .

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alligators Real and Glass

I live in a very small resort town in Florida. There is a lot of fishing, airboats, and alligators around here. Just for fun I tried to make an alligator, I showed it to my hubby and he exclamied"Oh, it's a dinosaur!". ROFL, It actually does look like a dinosaur. Well, back to the drawing board, for more practice. PPP. Anyway, when I went out to my studio, to take a picture of the alligator(dinosaur), low and behold, look what was swimming in my backyard canal. I zoomed up as close as the camera would get. I hope you can see him. No swimming for me today!!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tutorials Christmas Gifts from Secret Santa. Lampwork Etc.

I am so excited. On Lampwork Etc,forum, they have a Secret Santa Thread. I have recieved two tutorials, form fellow Lampworkers. I received a Pleated Vessel Tutorial form slcuniques, that is just wonderful. There are so many pictures, and step by step instructions. You just will not believe how detailed this tutorial is. And the photos, are so clear, and concise. You can get it here:

Also, Naos, form Lampwork etc, sent me Amy's Storm Tutorial, for making Stormed Beads. Naos has a website here, and I admire her work so very much. She is a successful seller, on Ebay, and Etsy. You can find here website here. Check it out.

Stormed Tutorial is here:

And Last but not Least, A Thread from Lampwork Etc, showing lots of pictures of the Stormed bead. (Awesome Eye Candy)