Thursday, December 3, 2009

Tutorials Christmas Gifts from Secret Santa. Lampwork Etc.

I am so excited. On Lampwork Etc,forum, they have a Secret Santa Thread. I have recieved two tutorials, form fellow Lampworkers. I received a Pleated Vessel Tutorial form slcuniques, that is just wonderful. There are so many pictures, and step by step instructions. You just will not believe how detailed this tutorial is. And the photos, are so clear, and concise. You can get it here:

Also, Naos, form Lampwork etc, sent me Amy's Storm Tutorial, for making Stormed Beads. Naos has a website here, and I admire her work so very much. She is a successful seller, on Ebay, and Etsy. You can find here website here. Check it out.

Stormed Tutorial is here:

And Last but not Least, A Thread from Lampwork Etc, showing lots of pictures of the Stormed bead. (Awesome Eye Candy)

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