Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Alligators Real and Glass

I live in a very small resort town in Florida. There is a lot of fishing, airboats, and alligators around here. Just for fun I tried to make an alligator, I showed it to my hubby and he exclamied"Oh, it's a dinosaur!". ROFL, It actually does look like a dinosaur. Well, back to the drawing board, for more practice. PPP. Anyway, when I went out to my studio, to take a picture of the alligator(dinosaur), low and behold, look what was swimming in my backyard canal. I zoomed up as close as the camera would get. I hope you can see him. No swimming for me today!!!!


  1. ROFL....I wouldn't go swimming today either.
    Your glass aligator is precious. It might look like a dino, but still cute as a button.

  2. Thank you caryn Joy, for the nice compliment on a first time effort, on the dino, or alligator, whatevr it is. LOL! it went to my Grandson for Xmas. :)