Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yard Clean Up

I have finally recovered from breaking my leg, last January. I am intent on cleaning up the overgrown flowers, and bushes. The front fountain pond, was in such a bad state. Even had frogs moving in. Now that's bad!!! I will not miss the frog concert every night!!! Funny how such a little creature, can be so loud. So here is a before, of the little pond,which was totally grown over,  and now after two weeks of progress!!!I have the fountain running again, and most of the overgrowth removed. More work to be done. Planting Flowers, and all the good stuff. I will try to post pics, as I progress further. Maybe in my own mind, sharing with you is my way, to keep myself motivated.


  1. Trying to think what kind of border I could use to cover the black plastic edge. And good ideas?

  2. Anything I could remember wouldn't work in Florida. Great progress, though! Are you far enough south to grow true tropicals? I saw some miniature papyrus at a garden center that would look great on one edge, if it didn't take over. It is hardy in zones 9 & 10.

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