Friday, May 28, 2010

My Reef Series.

I had so much fun with the new technique that I learned. So, I decided to start a Reef Series of beads. The first of the set is Coral Reef, The Second is Sunrise Reef, and the third is Bahama Reef. Bahama Reef, is a green with purpleish reflections. ( Is that a word, purpleish), well, ya know what I mean. OHOH!!! I better not start with the PIRATE talk. All this talk about Reef, could get me started. LOL!!! In the future I plan on having a Dolphin Reef, and others. This has been a lot of fun, for me, and my sales, have increased immensely. WaahOOO!! Right now I have been filling my Etsy shop with Focals. I have had to many requests, that I decided to (get er done). For now, I am going to show you a little eye candy of my 2nd and 3rd set of the Reef Series.

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  1. Arg, those be some of the most treasurely beads I seen lately, matey! ;0)