Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Lampwork Fish

Lampwork Fish! Look what I can make now. I have been so involved with my new Cricket Torch. I can make things faster now. The thing I love the most about it, is the pinpoint flame. I can melt shorts together. I mean really short shorts. :) I can aim, the flame at one litle eyeball, when making Fish. All this has allowed me to progress by leaps, and bounds. I will never be sorry, I learned on a Hot Head, and if I was ever living in a place, where I could not have the equipment, I would not even hesitate, to go back to it. I think learning for over a year and a half, on a hot head torch, taught me a lot. I know that I can still go do DEMO's and not have to take a bunch of equipment. I recommend learning on a Hot head first for everybody.
After I started making the fish, I have been busy with a lot of local orders. Here is a pair of earrings, CUSTOM order, that I finished up today. Picture above.

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