Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cricket Torch

ok guys! Look what I got. hehehe!!!! And Santa did not even bring it. I saved everything I have earned from my Etsy site, since I started working it 3 months ago. And I purchased this new Cricket Torch. A friend of mine, in the medical business, bartered with me, for a oxy con. I traded a silver foil bead necklace, for the unit.
It is old, and loud, but I don't care. It works great, and the loudness, is no worse, than the loudness of the Hothead. I had a little trouble, at first, until, I learned to open the oxygen on the torch wide open. Then adjust the propane accordingly. I also set the propane psi, to 8 instead of the 5 that the instuctions, included with the torch said to do. It seems to work better at 8. Amazing what that little bit of added psi made. Also, the first time, I melted white glass, I finally realized what they mean about soupy glass, that might get away from ya!!!
Wow, never ever had this much heat, with the Hothead! And when adjusted just right, it does not burn the glass at all. Really hard to realize, that can be possible, but it is. Another thing I LOVE about the Cricket, is that you can melt your rods, down while still holding them in your hand, until almost totally used up. You can adjust the Cricket flame, to a fine pinpoint/ Look at the picture, and see the short red rods. I held these in my hand, and melted them this short, with the cricket adjusted to a fine pin point. I also, made a fish, and found that I could direct, the pin point, on one little eyeball, and melt just that very spot. JUST LUV'in, my NEW CRICKET!!!


  1. She sure is pretty! Have a lot of fun with her Nell.


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  3. Hi, I need to much help, Iam from Chile and cant bring the necesary tools for starting to melt glass, y want a GTT cricket, some tools and boro glass tube and rods, but the carry is so expensive, somebody can help me please.