Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How To Etch Lampwork Beads with Cream

I made a trip over to Michael's Craft store, and purchased some Etching Cream. So I wish to blog a little, about using the etching cream with Lampwork Beads. They did not carry the solution. I live 50 miles away, from the Coast of Florida, so I purchased the Cream, instead of the solution. In the Lampwork etc. forum, they all talked about using solution. Said it was the best way to Etch your beads.
I used one of my 50% coupons, that I received thru the email list, I joined for Michaels. The price for the 16 oz Etching Cream was about $33.00. After I used my coupon, it was quite affordable.
Now I was hesitant, about how to use it after I arrived home. I was afraid, maybe I had wasted my money, because all I had read was how wonderful the solution works.
When I got home, I strung my beads on monofilament, and just put them on the top of the cream, and pushed down a little bit,with a plastic spoon, to make sure they were emerged. Kinda like quicksand, I guess. LOL Anyway, I left them for 5 minutes. Then I took them out, and rinsed with water. Viola! Perfect.
Now a few CAUTIONS. Use plastic with your Etching Cream. And if you have any spill, remember that Baking Soda, will neutralize the acid. I really liked the cream, as I can imagine spilling solution, compared to cream. I would say, that the cream, would not be such a big mess, as thin solution. Also, Use disposable gloves, and do not let the cream touch your hands. IT IS ACID, remember. oh! Also, makes sure your beads are perfectly clean, and try NOT, to touch them after cleaning, and submerging, into the cream. I have heard stories, about residue, can cause uneven etching. I was lucky, I cleaned mine with Windex, rinsed with water, and then submerged into the cream. I had wonderful success, and it is not as scary, as they all were saying.
So, if you want to try etching your Lampwork Beads. I recommend the Cream, you can get it at Michaels.

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  1. hi Nell...
    I am really looking forward to trying this..
    thanks so much for the info......
    mona & the girls
    ps going to pick some up today