Monday, September 28, 2009

Cricket Torch

This is a picture of the Gtt Cricket Torch that everybody is raving about. It is very efficient with fuel and oxygen. You can even custom order it in different colors. You can use it on a 5LPM, and also the larger Oxygen concentrators. It works, ever better I suspose, as I do not have one YET!! After visiting the site, I see that it is still on Inductory price for $139.00 The site is here , so sure hope I can get one before they go up to the $167.00 price. Christmas after all, is right around the corner.
The torch is a surface mix, with 5 jets. I seen one, when I was in Cape Coral, for a lampworking session. You can make a very small pin point flame with this torch quite easily. I can easily see this torch replacing the Nortel Minor, as an industry standard for the first step up, from a Hot Head. Some have claimed as far as efficiency, this torch has outperformed the Betta, and Paranha. I even read in a blog somewhere, where somebody stepped down from a 7 jet torch, the Bobcat, to this oxygen efficient Torch. SANTA, Please don't forget me this Christmas!!!

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