Monday, October 12, 2009

New Frit & Beads and Baubles Ft Pierce

I am so ready to try some of my new frit samples from Dragonfly Glassworx. I received some of the most beautiful frit blends, and wanted to torch today. She also, shipped them, wrapped in a paisley tissue paper, inside a green plastic bag. Then all of this was wrapped with a lavish Purple and green bow. I liked the little present, and presentation, almost as much, as the wonderful frit enclosed inside.
So to continue on, I wanted to torch today, as I said before, but I had to drive with my hubby, over to the East Coast. Ft. Pierce Florida. He had an eye appointment, and may require surgery. We drove an hour, after we signed in, and waited a half hour, they informed us that the Dr's Office accepted out insurance, yet there surgery center, did not. So wasted trip for my Hubby's troubled eye.
OK, now for my real MOTIVE, to go along. I knew I might have to drive him back home, if they put drops in his eyes. I really went, so I could go to a Store I have wanted to check out for awhile. He agreed, so, we drove towards the Ocean, and the Historic Downtown. We arrived, and there were the nicest little shops, all lined up along the street. Then we parked in front of the store, called BEADS and BAUBLES. Now I was excited. We walked up to the front door, and it was LOCKED> Darn. They were closed until Oct 20th, on a buyer's trip. LOL, so the whole trip, over and back, ended up being a total lose for both of us.
So I'm back home now, and passing time, writig here on the Blog. It is still so HOT, here in Florida, in fact, Record Temps, for this time of year. As soon as the West Sun is not blasting, directly into my Sunroom, where I torch, I am going to finally get to try out some of my new Frit.

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